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The Respect Yourself program believes that everyone has a right to be free from abuse. Taking both of the classes outlined below can help keep people with developmental disabilities free from abuse.

Both Respect Yourself and Me and You can be presented in the community, day programs, care homes, supported living, and more. A 2-day class of Me and You is also available.


The Respect Yourself program uses peer-to-peer teaching in all our classes. We offer a safe place for you to ask questions you may have been uncomfortable asking before.


Me and You teaches abuse prevention through relationship education. Men and women together in the same class. We suggest taking this series first. Over 4 weeks you will learn about:

  • Why good self-esteem is important
  • Disability Pride
  • What a true friend is
  • Good and healthy relationships
  • Places and things that are private
  • Boundaries at work and at program
  • Safety rules that help protect you from abuse

Me and You Course Description


Respect Yourself teaches abuse prevention through sexuality and body education. Men and women are taught in separate classes. We suggest taking this series second. Over 7 weeks you will learn:

  • How to respect yourself with a sweetheart
  • How to set dating boundaries
  • The exams for cancer we get from a doctor and ones we can do ourselves
  • The names of male and female body parts and how they work
  • Our sexual rights and responsibilities and the hard choices we may need to make as an adult
  • Birth control and condoms
  • Why it’s better to wait to have sex
  • How knowing these things helps protect you from sexual abuse

Respect Yourself Course Description



More than 90% of men and women with developmental disabilities will be sexually abused at some point in their lives. The abuser is usually someone we know. We have a right to be free from abuse. 


Click here to ask for more information or call the Respect Yourself coordinator in the Chico office at (530) 893-8003.

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