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REDDING (530) 223-7771

CHICO (530) 893-8003

People First is an organization by and for people with developmental disabilities. People First gives people with developmental disabilities a chance to speak for themselves and to help their friends speak for themselves.

People First started in Oregon in 1974. The founding members named themselves People First because they wanted other people to know that they are “people first and their disabilities come second.”

There are People First chapters all over the world. In far Northern California, there are 5 chapters and 1 peer to peer group supported by the Regional Self-Advocacy Project. These chapters meet monthly in the community. Click here for chapter information.

All of the officers from these chapters form a group called Region 2 People First. Region 2 People First members meet quarterly to support one another, share ideas, and plan conferences. Their conferences are held in even numbered years. The next Region 2 People First conference will be in 2022. Watch here for more information about conferences.

A representative from Region 2 People First is elected to represent our area on the Board of People First of California. The current President of People First of California is Kim Leeseman, People First advocate from Chico, Ca. Click here for more information about People First of California.

Pledge of Personal Power,
by Dave Hingsburger

People First of California Anthem

Self Advocacy Pledge

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