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"People sometimes misunderstand what I’m capable of. I might be disabled but I’m still a person that has feelings. I would like people to know that I am a strong person. Don’t disable me, support me. Amazing things happen when I’m supported.”

—Misha Cutburth, Pathfinders Participant


Pathfinders believes that everyone has goals and dreams that deserve to be supported. Pathfinders can help you reach your own goals and dreams through a Life Plan, which can be used to communicate what you need to the people that support you. Life Plans help you discover more about yourself and what you want to achieve in life. The team meets with you several times so your Life Plan is exactly how you think it should be. Life Plans are available to any adult served by Far Northern Regional Center.


Life Guides use peer-to-peer support to create a Life Plan based on you. Our team is trained to carefully listen so they can help you communicate your likes and dislikes, as well as how you want to be supported.


A Life Plan is a snapshot of your life that can help your support staff understand you better. Sometimes we need help letting others know what we need and want, and a Life Plan is a great way to do just that. Your Life Plan will include:

  • What is important TO you
  • What is important FOR you
  • What you need to feel safe
  • The support you need to be healthy
  • How you would like to be supported by your staff
  • What supports and services you would like from the Regional Center
  • Goals you would like to work on
  • Steps you are taking to reach your goals
  • Your accomplishments
We offer independent facilitation for those in the Self Determination Program. More information on this program can be found on the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) website by clicking HERE.

Life Plans help you to learn more about yourself and let you show what your wants and needs are. A Life Plan also helps you reach your goals and dreams through a step-by-step plan. They are updated every year to show your life changes and the progress towards your goals. You can use your Life Plan to let others know how you want to be supported.

Life Plans help your circle of support and staff. Your Life Plan will show how you would like to be supported at home and in the community, which can make everyday life a little smoother.

Life Plans help your Service Coordinator. Your Life Plan works alongside your IPP from the regional center. It helps your service coordinator learn more about you so that they can support you better.

Curious what a Life Plan looks like? Below are a few of the many Life Plans we’ve helped people create. Open them to see what they look like inside!




Life Plans have been uploaded to this website with the permission of the person. No other person or institution is allowed to reprint or use these without prior written permission.

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