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REDDING (530) 223-7771

CHICO (530) 893-8003

Technology is a way that we all connect to the world.  Now, with Covid-19 isolating so many, the We Care A Lot Foundation has created the Get Connected program.  The goal of the program is to bring technology to those who don’t have access to it.  Program participants receive a Chromebook they can use to connect with the world.  The device can be used to connect remotely with day programs, doctors, and other service providers.  Individuals can also connect with friends and family, and social groups such as People First.

This service is provided in both English and Spanish!

The program provides:

  • Assessment of the individual needs
  • A Chromebook with the applications and security measures pre-loaded
  • Training
  • Ongoing tech support 

In order to participate in the program and individual must:
  • Be served by Far Northern Regional Center
  • Be willing to be trained by our IT tech
  • Agree to take care of the Chromebook
  • Agree to return the Chromebook if they no longer participate in the program

If you are interested in the Get Connected Program, contact your Far Northern Service Coordinator or Brandi Seaters at We Care a Lot Foundation at 530-223-7771.



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