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Emergency evacuations happen when we least expect them. Knowing what to do and being able to react quickly allows people to feel safer and more prepared during an emergency.
Feeling Safe, Being Safe teaches people what they can do to be prepared to react safely during an emergency or evacuation. Both the 45-minute and 20-minute presentations are useful for any person concerned with being prepared for an emergency.


Feeling Safe, Being Safe experts are people with disabilities that teaches everyone how to prepare for an emergency. They have personal knowledge of emergency preparation and are able to share this information in way that is easy to understand.


Feeling Safe, Being Safe offers 2 free presentations that can be given to any person or group, either in person or over Zoom.

45-minute version – This is an interactive, complete step by step guide teaching everyone what to do to get ready for any emergency evacuation. 

20-minute version – Provides the same information, but for the sake of time there is very little interaction while all the information is still provided. 

Although the idea of an emergency can be scary, being prepared and practicing for an emergency will help you feel safe and confident. Not knowing what to do can lead to panic and confusion, and maybe even an unsafe situation.
  • The first person you should be able to depend on during an emergency is yourself. Feeling Safe, Being Safe will enable you to do that.
  • Knowing your neighbors is important. Share your contact information with them as they are closer than an ambulance or the fire department or the police in an emergency.
  • Practicing your emergency plan makes you ready for the real thing so that you can feel safer and more prepared.
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