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The Consumer Abuse Awareness Team believes that everyone has the right to be free from abuse. Unfortunately for people with developmental disabilities, most abuse happens at the hands of people who are close and trusted by them.  Therefore, most abuse goes unreported. CAAT Presenters teach staff and professionals how to spot and report abuse, and how to support people with disabilities to be their own front line of defense against abuse. 


The Consumer Abuse Awareness Team, or CAAT, is made up of presenters with developmental disabilities. Having grown up in the developmental services system, CAAT Presenters are able to present this information with first-hand knowledge and expertise of what it takes to empower people to be their own first line of defense against abuse.


The Consumer Abuse Awareness Team offers a free 60 minute presentation and they will come to your facility or agency in person or over Zoom. This is an excellent training tool for any community agency that supports people with disabilities.

One CEU for this presentation is available for vendors of Far Northern Regional Center.
In this presentation you will learn: 
  • Rates of abuse in people with developmental disabilities
  • Rates of prosecution for the abuser
  • How to prevent abuse
  • How to recognize and report abuse
  • How to support and empower someone who has been abused

Abuse is hurtful things done over and over again so that the abuser feels they have power over their victim. Rates of abuse in people with developmental disabilities are alarmingly high, which is why The Consumer Abuse Awareness Team is so passionate about spreading their message.
  • The ability to say NO is the most powerful tool in abuse prevention
  • More than 90% of people with developmental disabilities will be abused in their lifetime
  • Half of those people will be abused 10 or more times
  • Only 3% of sexual assaults against people with developmental disabilities are ever reported
  • Abusers typically abuse at least 70 people before being caught
  • 99% of the time the abuser is someone known and trusted
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