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I have been creating art for almost 14 years.  My art is one way I express myself.  Some of my drawings are a visual diary for what is going on in my life and at times bring me a sense of peace.  I am inspired by everything around me including other artists.  I am fascinated by all art and the different creative processes.  I want to try everything.  In fact, I am always learning and experimenting with new techniques.  I greatly enjoy using color and texture.  I have been working with clay for almost two years.  Clay allows me to express my emotions when I am beating, rolling and shaping the clay.  Working with clay allows me to express myself differently than when I am drawing and painting.

I am very busy within the art community and our local community.  I have participated in numerous shows in Redding and Chico,  Recently, my work has been accepted in Art Slam in San Francisco at the de Young Museum.  In 2007, I came in 3rd place at the Chico Art Center for a National Juried Exhibition.  One of my career highlights was when Enjoy Magazine wrote an article about me.  “Let us pique your interest with a peek into the bold, colorful images created by Redding’s Naomi Rose, one of Art Hop’s featured artists, whose works explore themes that range from loneliness to beauty to motherhood.”  This year, Naomi is debuting new work in different genres. The theme:  STRETCH your horizons, dreams, physically, emotionally and artistically.

Many original pieces available. Artwork is also available as prints or on:

  • coffee mugs
  • purses
  • mouse pads
  • coasters
  • light switch plates
  • etc
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