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The Abuse Prevention Team believes that everyone has a right to be free from abuse. Presenters teach people how to be their own first line of defense by learning to recognize, stop and report abuse. Our program teaches people with about the right to privacy and how to advocate for themselves. No one likes to talk about abuse, but to protect ourselves we have to learn about abuse.


The Abuse Prevention Team uses peer- to-peer teaching in our presentations. Our presenters have personal knowledge of abuse and are able to share their experiences in a positive way.


The Abuse Prevention Team offers a free 60 minute presentation that will come to your facility or agency or may be accessed through Zoom. If you have time constraints we also offer a 20 minute version, but unfortunately is not interactive.
Members of the audience actively participate in the 60 minute presentation, which makes a difficult subject easier to learn.
In it you will learn:
  • What abuse looks like
  • Who does the abusing
  • How you might feel if you were abused
  • Boundaries that will keep you safer
  • Whose fault abuse really is
  • What you can do to stop abuse
  • Safety Rules to help prevent abuse


Abuse is hurtful things done over and over again so that the abuser feels like they have power and control. People with disabilities are seen as easy targets, which is why the Abuse Prevention Team is so passionate about teaching abuse prevention.

  • Most people with developmental disabilities will be abused in their lifetime
  • Most people with disabilities will be financially abused in their life
  • Over half will be physically abused
  • About half of them will be abused 10 or more times
  • Most sexual assaults against people with disabilities are NOT reported
  • 99% of the time the abuser is someone known and trusted
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