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Being seen as different often makes you a bullying target, which is a daily event for many students. The S.A.Y. team wants to change that. S.A.Y. stands for Same As You, and when we can see each other as more the same than different, we will no longer be bystanders. Through presentations in schools S.A.Y. is working to teach students the power of being an ally against bullying behavior.


Same As You is a team of presenters with developmental disabilities who understand bullying behavior. By sharing personal stories they are able to show that even people who may seem different are actually the same as you. Their experiences have become a powerful way to teach the next generation how to become allies that protect and stand up for each other.


Same As You offers 2 presentations that will help your school in bully prevention. Presentations can be done individually or given 1 week apart and are tailored to the age of the classroom, from kindergarten through high school, from community groups to future teachers.

Part 1 teaches the different roles that are involved with bully behavior. Students are asked to share how they feel about their own experiences in these different roles. Using video clips, students will be able to tell who has the bullying behavior and how to be an ally instead of a bystander.

Part 2 teaches students how to work through conflicts with others and why each one of them has a responsibility to stand up to bullying behavior. Students will learn how to recognize what other people may be feeling, what it looks like when a conflict is getting worse, and how to share their feelings with another person in a healthy way, through fun and interactive games.


Bullying behavior is being mean to another person over and over again through words or actions. Being bullied can make students feel alone or powerless or even sick. Every day over 160,000 students miss school because of bullying and school violence. There is usually 1 bully and 1 victim in every group of 10 students. That leaves 8 possible allies. Who has the power now?

• Only about 1/3 of students bullied ever tell an adult.

• Most incidences of school violence have ties to ongoing bullying behavior.

• Over half the time bullying behavior will stop within 10 seconds when bystanders step in.

• Most students witnessing bullying behavior want to help, but don’t know how.

Same As You inspires bystanders to be allies.



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